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Simple, cost-efficient, all-seasons golf driving range.

Space utilisation is key where there is potential for an increase of revenue.

Mosso are offering innovative, cost-efficient, all-seasons golf driving range. The typical driving range requires intense planning and extensive construction, we provide a simple and fast solution.

Several golf clubs have been investing in technology in their driving ranges as this is now a proven way to attract more customers to their venues. One of the biggest trends has been the recognition within the industry that a driving range can be a source of huge financial growth.

For example, Stellar Asset Management acquired Paultons Golf Club near Southampton and said the site will undergo a major refurbishment to its driving range. “Taking inspiration from current trends in the US, the driving range will be transformed into a family, sports and entertainment space providing full-service food and beverages, sports bars and a multi-media private event space,” said a spokesman.

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