Eastern hills of Friuli, Italy

This carefully designed space also offers incomparable comfort, the result of Pratic bioclimatic technology. Vision modules are equipped with a covering with sun shading blades adjustable up to 140 degrees, whose movement can be operated by remote control to obtain the best conditions of lighting, ventilation and temperature at any time of day and with considerable energy savings. In case of bad weather, instead, it is possible to totally close the blades, in order to screen the area underneath and convey the rainwater inside the gutters hidden in the uprights.

The possibility of adjusting opening and protection thus expands the possible uses of the outdoor space, designed to interact with natural elements and reduce its impact on the landscape and the environment. Vision pergola is in fact made entirely of aluminium and it is designed to be easily separated and recycled at the end of its life. Pratic pays the same attention to the coating processes, which are carried out in a zero-emission plant using only nontoxic and non-polluting materials. The result is a completely sustainable outdoor experience.